Ultrasonic Scanner GE VOLUSON E10

This is an advanced premium ultrasound machine used in obstetrics and gynecology.  Thanks to innovation in technology, the medical imaging format reaches a high screen resolution (Full HD 1920×1080 pixels).  This helps to provide real-time images achieving the most realistic display of medical images on a large screen.


It is a modern laser equipment for innovative gynecological procedures, without surgical intervention and anesthesia.  This equipment provides accuracy and safety during urogynecological procedures and cosmetic surgery.  Virtually painless procedures allow patients to almost immediately return to their normal life activities, including sexual intercourse.


This is a modern medical laser for fast and safe liposuction.  It provides rapid recovery and quick wound healing and minimizes trauma to the body.  Radiation at 360 degrees allows you to receive high radiation intensity during your treatment and helps us to control the heating of the body tissues with high accuracy.


It is laser equipment of the next generation which helps to perform all basic procedures in the fields of aesthetic medicine, surgery and gynecology.  In the field of aesthetics Fotona SP is used for skin rejuvenation, removal of scars and clusters of veins, pigmentation and acne treatments, as well as intravenous laser therapy.  This equipment is ideal for surface blemishes and skin imperfections, even for the deepest layers of the skin.  In the field of gynecological surgery Fotona SP is ideal for working with lesions of the cervix and vagina.  The length of the wave released by the equipment allows to perform very precise surgical procedures preventing the formation of scars and the need for stitches.